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Glowstone Lanterns - Make glowstone lanterns, daytime glass & nighttime glowstone

Current version: v0.6

With this plugin Glowstone Lanterns you can make lanterns, when it's going dark the glass of the lanterns will change in glowstone and when it's daytime it will change in glass again. The great thing is that you don't need to place a full lantern but only a glass/glowstone block, so you can use it for everyting. This plugin is very usefull for a large city to light it up, that looks really cool that the lanterns will change in glowstone! You can also place prebuilt lanterns, so that's really usefull if you want to plase a lot of lanterns in a little time. You can enable glowstone lanterns with /gl, when you place a glass or a glowstone block it is marked as a glowstone lanterns, this block will change to glowstone if it is night and to glass if it is daytime. If you use /gl l l you will enable prebuilt glowstone lanterns, if you place a glass or a glowstone block there will apear the prebuilt glowstone lantern you selected right there. There prebuilt lanterns are in external files, so you can make your own prebuilt lanterns and share them with other pelople.


In the video underneath you can see how the plugin works; (outdated video)


Planned Features


/gl, /glowstonelantern or /glowstonelanterns Enable glowstone lanterns
/gl lantern <lantern-id> or /gl l <lantern-id> Enable prebuilt glowstone lanterns
/gl lantern or /gl l< Disable prebuild glowstone lanterns
/gl list lanterns or /gl list l List the prebuilt lanterns
/gl help View the help with all the commands
/gl info View info (see if glowstone lanterns is enabled)
/gl save Save the glowstone lanterns list
/gl reload Reload the lanterns list
/gl verion View current running verion number


Glowstone Lanterns 0.6 Download from (direct link)
Glowstone Lanterns 0.6 Download from (direct link)
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  1. Download the plugin
  2. Add the GlowstoneLanterns.jar file and the folder 'Glowstone Lanterns' from the downloaded .zip file to the /plugin folder of the minecraft server. Also add the included folder 'Glowstone Lanterns' to your plugins folder.
  3. Add the permission nodes if you have a permissions system;
  4. Set some settings in the config file;
  5. Start your server and enjoy the plugin :)

Permission nodes Allow users to place glowstone lanterns
glowstonelanterns.destroyLanterns Allow users to destroy glowstone lanterns Allow users to use the info command
glowstonelanterns.reload Allow users to use the reload command Allow users to use the save command



Version 0.6 (14-10-2012)

View all the changes here


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